6 Ways to make your Boring Desk Job a tool For Office Work Outs

Sitting at a desk job for 10 hrs a day may make you unhealthy. Instead of remaining unfit under the garb of work, you can work out in your office on your chairs and desk if you want to be fitter and leaner. Here some offices work outs which anyone can do easily.


Stairs are now your Gym

It’s about time you kicked laziness out of the window and take a flight of stairs daily. For at least 30 minutes of day or thrice a day walk up and down the stairs for a proper office workout.


Change your snacks with vegan protein

When you feel a mid day craving for junk food, reach out for fruits or salads instead. Consume vegan sources of protein like tofu and green veggies and lentils. These muscle building proteins stay longer in the system and keep you full as well as healthy.



Drink 6-8 glasses of water every day. The American Council on Exercise says a working active lady should intake at least 2.7 lts of water per day. Sipping water throughout the work can fight off fatigue, prevent dehydration headaches, and also keeps you full. Not to mention, those extra hikes to the washroom add up to the office work out routine too.



Always take your own homemade lunches which are always healthier and fresher. Sandwiches, fruits, vegan rolls etc are yummy as well as healthy.


Desk Stand

Yes you heard it right. Don’t keep sitting throughout the day while working, instead stand and type or better still if possible, take a stroll while going through a report. It burns calories, and the “standing up” posture improves your blood sugar levels, which is good for weight loss and is oe of the most effective office work outs.


Say no to the vending machine

This alone will reduce your food cravings and mindless eating as you can carry your own lunch box or stack your office drawers with healthier substitutes like granola bars, fruits, nuts and berries, favorite green tea bags and even Greek yogurt.


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