This ancient japanese goldfish exercise guarantees you freedom from back pain

This ancient japanese goldfish exercise guarantees you freedom from back pain

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One of the best exercises for a healthy spine or even to treat spinal problems is the ancient Japanese exercise called Kingyo Undo or the Goldfish exercise. The movements of the exercise require you to lie on a floor or a yoga mat and mimic actions similar to a goldfish, hence the name.

As you know spinal problems are common and affecting a majority of people worldwide. There are several factors contributing to the problem such as a desk job the entire day, poor posture and lack of exercise. Just 3 minutes of this unbelievable goldfish exercise everyday is enough to get immense relief form spinal pain.

Spinal Problems can cause Spinal Regeneration

Low back pain is indicative of spinal regeneration. Spondilytis can also cause back and shoulder pain. Even as medication and therapy can help the problem, the goldfish exercise is a natural way to reduce and cure the problem. It relives pain, reduces inflammation and helps rejuvenate the spine.

Besides rejuvenating your back, the Japanese believe that the Kingyo Undo or the goldfish exercise can also improve blood circulation and has a number of physiological benefits. Kingyo Undo was created by the great Japanese Aikido master Katsuzo Nishi in 1927.

The Kingyo Undo is part of the 6 laws of the Nishi health system. The goldfish exercise is said to relive pressure, rejuvenate spinal fibres and release tangled nerves form improper posture and for physical activity.

How to do the Goldfish exercise

Take a look at the video below to learn how to perform the goldfish exercise. It requires you to lie flat with your knees up. You then need to start wriggling with your upper and lower back mimicking the movements of a gold fish moving side to side. Do this for 3 minutes only.


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