Performing just 2 exercises will make you lose stomach fat

Performing just 2 exercises will make you lose stomach fat

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Given below is an exercise routine chalked out by one of the world’s best top trainers Alwyn Cosgrove who advocated the use of just two exercises that guarantee you weight loss. These 2 exercises to lose fat were super effective and sure to burn calories.

How it works

  • 15 repetitions of kettle ball swing. Use a dumbbell if necessary
  • 15 reps of the squat thrust
  • 14 reps of kettle ball swing
  • 14 reps of the squat thrust

Now carry own the pattern till you reach just 1 rep of each exercise. That means you will be performing a countdown workout. Completing the entire routine from 15 to 1 you will have finished 120 repetitions of each exercise meaning 240 repetitions. Now that’s going to be challenging even though these 2 exercises to lose fat are simple to perform. Also you need to perform the exercises at a fast pace which will make it almost like a High intensity workout or HIIT.

The Kettleball /Dumbell swing

Hold a kettleball with hips bent. Both arms should be at arm’s length in front. Rock the ball bringing it between your legs and swing it up to shoulder height. While doing so squeeze your glutes and thrust hips forward with force. Your back should be in a natural arch. You can reverse the movement and continue to swing back and forth.

The squat thrust

Stand with feet a bit wider than shoulder width apart. Now bend at the hips and knees and squat down lowering your body until you are able to place hands on the floor. Kick legs backward to get into the pushup position. Reverse the move and stand up back into starting position. To enhance the exercise you can jump up from the squat instead of standing. DO these two exercise to lose fat without fail at least five times a week and observe the positive results

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