Time and exercise?

Time and exercise?

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Its the only resource we can’t make more of. Its also the first excuse I see as to why we can’t reach our goals? “I don’t have enough time. Obviously your goal, for the sake of this group even your health and fitness doesn’t mean enough to you.

Now this isn’t another post about you having 24 hours in a day and you sleep for 8 hours blah blah blah…. This is about prioritising your time and using it wisely. Do you want to achieve your goals? Whether that be weight loss, first muscle up, compete at an RX standard, hit a 150kg Clean and jerk. How badly do you want it? How will it affect you if you don’t achieve it?

The reality is, these things take time, time that you need to prioritise for YOURSELF.

You are your best investment.

Now let’s talk about how to prioritise your time so you can achieve your goals. Obviously the hardest part is making it to the gym. Habit and routine is key here. Having a set schedule for the week when you make it to the gym. Nothing gets booked over that unless its life or death. This is where the saying “Never miss a Monday” Comes from, having routine in your life. At first it may be hard, but soon enough it becomes routine.

You don’t need to train for hours every single day. Thats why classes are so effective. 60 mins, warmup, maybe some strength, workout, cool down, DONE. If you have goals outside of classes, add an extra 15 mins around the class following a gymnastics program, or lifting cycle etc.

Remember Pareto principle or the 80:20 rule. 80% of your training results comes from 20% of your training efforts. So if you are time poor, PRIORITISE exactly what is going to get you closest to your goal. No point squatting more if your goal is a muscle up. Book a free trial with ChasingBetter and you will see how you can achieve your goals with a simple 60 min session! If you have any more questions ask below, or send me a message. The Game Plan always works around your time needs.

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