What is crossfit exercise?

What is crossfit exercise?

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CrossFit is more of a lifestyle that is characterized by effective and safe exercise along with healthy nutrition. It is used for achieving different goals such as reducing weight, boosting performance and improved health.

This program works perfectly for a wide array of health freaks. Whether you are a newbie who has just started to work out or you are training for several years, CrossFit can be a smart choice for you.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit contributes to being a program that is developed for offering a full-body workout. It is considered to be the combination of elements of weight lifting, cardio, core training, and gymnastics. These forms of exercise play a vital role in preparing your body for those unexpected circumstances.

It is recognized to be the principal strength and conditioning programs for different tactical operations teams, champion martial artists, police academies, military special operations units, and a plethora of professional athletes across the globe.

Also known as the “box”, CrossFit gyms are recognized to be large warehouses that provide group glasses in which a person workouts between 3-5 times every week. CrossFit is known to focus on various movements which mimic the daily happenings such as walking up the stairs, sitting on your toilet, etc. As you continue to perform these exercises, you can accomplish similar daily activities easily.

Types of Cross Fit exercises

There is a wide array of Cross Fit exercises and you can choose to perform one, depending on the goal, you want to achieve. Here is a list of few of the types of Cross Fit exercises:


It is recognized to be a bodyweight-only exercise in which you need to start in a standing position after which you have to drop on the floor faster and complete a push-up. After this, you need to go for a squatting position and again jump straight up explosively.

Power cleans

In this form of CrossFit exercise, you need to pull a bar of certain weight from the floor and bring the same to as well as in front of the shoulders in a forceful and faster manner.


Here, you need to stand upright and the weighted bar is held before your shoulders. You require squatting to the point down and the thighs should be parallel to the floor after which you need to stand back quickly and press the weighted bar on the head.

The Snatch

Here you need to pull the weighted bar from the floor quickly to over the head directly and your arms are held straight.

Other instances include pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups. They also make use of medicine balls, kettle balls, jump ropes, climbing ropes, and rowing machines.

CrossFit is considered to be a training philosophy in which coaching is provided to people of different sizes and shapes for improving the physical well being. It also introduces cardiovascular fitness in an encouraging and hardcore environment.

As you continue to perform CrossFit exercises regularly, they help in improving stamina, endurance, flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, agility, accuracy, agility, to name a few. Here, challenging and varied workouts are used for building conditioning and strength.

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