Why we get injured?

Why we get injured?

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The other day i was listening to a podcast with Quinn Henoch on it. He is a physical therapist with a tonne of knowledge from coaching high level athletes.

He was talking about why we get injured in training.

I highly recommend having a listen when you have a chance: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/ep-221-key-indicators-poor-programming-how-to-avoid/id934619356?i=1000425892384&mt=2

One training principle that is the most common, best when used correct but also the most bastardised is Progressive Overload. It means that if we do something today, next time we do that same thing we do a little bit more or heavier. We will get better at said thing.

This is definitely true. But every time we get injured it’s because of a spike in training. Whether thats intensity or volume as a whole or volume on one muscle group or joint.

What I see all too regularly:

“I suck at squats, Im going to go from squatting once a week to every day on this amazing squat cycle” – Your knees will hurt before you get gains.

“YAY I JUST GOT MY FIRST MUSCLE UP, but now my shoulders are sore” – Muscle ups are great but when you haven’t done one before and haven’t done the prior prep to prepare your body for one.

How the progressive overload principle gets bastardised:

  • Today someone does: 4×5 Back squats @ 100kg = 2000 total kgs of weight lifted
  • Next week someone does: 5×6 Back squats @ 110kg = 3300 total kgs of weight lifted.

Doesn’t sound like much of an increase right? 1 set, 1 rep and 10kg? Well thats 65% of extra volume added in.

You will notice from good coaches they monitor your volume, from the program and even in a class scenario they will be mindful of your volume as an individual athlete if you are coming back from a break.

How to not let this happen?

  • Monitor your fitness training volume.
  • When learning new movements, don’t over do it.
  • Once learnt new movement add intensity SLOWLY.
  • Increase recovery if training volume increases.

If you are coming back from holidays or even taking a few days off – Don’t rush back into it! Your body will love you for it.

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